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Facing Fitz                                                              

by Kim Dare

Kim Dare has done it again with a sweet, funny and sexy love story that's bound to please her many, many fans. Harvey has been waiting for his friends to set him up on a date with a sexy Dom, but there's a couple of problems.  First, it's a costume party and the only outfit left was an angel, with moulting wings.  Meanwhile, Fitz could only find a devil costume.  A perfect beginning or a devilish situation?Their first encounter didn't end well, when Harvey had a problem and left the scene, leaving Fitz to wonder what he'd done, or hadn't done to  make his new sub-toy have a good time.  This time around he's determined to find out.
Miss Dare has a knack for BDSM and a way of making it sexy and sweet at the same time.  These characters are lovable and make you want to keep reading to find out what happens to them.  Loved this story!  I hope there's a sequel so readers can find out how Harvey is coping with his problem, with Fitz's loving direction. I give this one 5 kisses.  Highly Recommended.


The Vampire's Vacation

by Cassandra Pierce

 I can't rave enough about this MM Paranormal(Vampire)/Fantasy erotic romance. As soon as I started reading it, I immediately fell for our hero, Ethan. He's had his heartbroken from another vampire, who used him and then tossed him away. I think many people can relate to that kind of pain. When he meets Raphael, the attraction is intense, but being a vampire with a moral code, he tries to not take advantage of the wounded man suffering from amnesia. He senses a goodness and innocence in Raphael, but Raphael also has a secret. You can see the instant connection between the two and I found myself cheering for them all the way through. Suddenly Ethan's ex-lover shows up, and has designs for Raphael. You immediately see why Ethan became blindsided by his ex as he is way over the top in charm and charisma. The ending is absolutely delightful, with a twist you didn't see coming, the romance is loving, and I found myself cheering for them all the way through. I've heard that there will be a sequel coming out very soon, so I can't wait to get my hands on it. Excellent story!!! 

I'm giving it the full 5 kisses


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